Our tips for passing Cambridge English Exams

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First, Advanced, Proficiency.


You will have realised by now that coming up with the right answer in any part of  Reading involves more than just understanding the text.  Here are four essential tips for 

Reading Part 5 (First, Advanced, Proficiency):

  1. Read the instruction, title and sub-title of each text.  This will give you an idea of what the text is about and help you focus on a specific field, eg food rather than schools,
  2. As the questions are given in the same order as the text unfolds, you don’t need to read the whole text at first: read the first question only, without reading the multiple choice answers,
  3. With the question in mind, start reading the text until you make sure you can answer the first question,
  4. Now, you can look at the possible answers to the first question and  try to decide which of them gives the right answer. Having followed our advice, you will not fall easily into the traps of the three incorrect answers.

Do the same with the second question, then – step by step – with the remaining ones.

Thanks to this, you will be in control of both the text and questions, avoiding confusion and  distraction. In time, with sufficient practice, you will do the task not only confidently but fast as well.   Try your hand at this!